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As we promised that we will share a quote or story/fact with each Radha and Krishna GIF Images and animated images, here is the story I would like to share Shree Krishna HD images And the story of Radha and Rukmani…

According to mythology, Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmani, once having dinner, gave milk to her husband, Shri Krishna. Due to hot milk, Shri Krishna felt in the heart and Radha Ji’s name came out from the loud voice of his Shrimukh i.e. Shyama Krishna Ji – β€œO Radhe! Hearing the name of Radhaji, Rukmani got angry and said – Hey Prabhu, what is so special about Radha Ji, I think in your every breath her name is printed, I also love you so much even then, you do not call my name.

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Shri Krishna said – Devi, have you ever met Radha, Lord Krishna started smiling in his mind by speaking so much and started worrying about Radha’s condition, the next day, Rukmani reached Radhaji’s palace in the morning. Outside Radhaji’s room, she saw such a beautiful woman, that woman was so beautiful that her face was shining like the sun, Rukmani thought that this was Radha and she started to touch his feet when she saw her back and she asked Rukmani who are you and from where have you come and why?

Then Rukmani, while introducing herself, said that I am Rukmini, Krishna’s wife, and told the whole story and reason for coming to Radha’s palace, then she said – I am Radha Ji’s maid. You will meet Radhaji, after seven doors. Rukmani crossed the seven gates and at every door, looking at one beautiful and sharp maid, she was thinking how Radharani herself would be if her maids were so beautiful.

Thinking this Rukmani reached Radhaji’s room thinking that she saw Radha ji in the room, she looked like a very bright beauty whose face was shining brighter than the sun. Rukmini fell at his feet, but there are blisters on Radha Ji’s entire body!

Rukmani asked – Goddess how are these blisters on your body? Then Radha Ji said- Goddess! The milk you gave to Krishnaji yesterday… was hot! Due to which there was a blister on his heart and, I always live in his heart, seeing this whole scene, Rukmani was taken aback and understood Radha’s love and returned to her palace again.

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So here are some of the Radha and Krishna GIF Images and animated images with the story of Radha and Rukmani. If you want to share something such as another story or your reaction to this story and Radha and Krishna GIF Images and animated images, fill the comments section.

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